Why Should You Join SuperteamDAO Today?

Why Should You Join SuperteamDAO Today?

What are you missing out on?


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πŸ˜€ Why am I posting this?

So, as today is the first day of posting my blog, I would like to explain the concept of this postings.

Me and Deepanshu Yadav (My Dear Web3 Friend) are on a mission to learn Web3, Blockchain, Solana, Solidity, NFT, and much more from scratch. We have decided to share everything; our insights, learning and Resources.

Every day we will be consuming a little bit of content and post about it on our blog. One who doesn’t share their insight for a week has to submit a very small amount of crypto for a positive cause in the future when we will for sure have some in our account from our own hard-earned efforts.

Now, without any delays let's begin today's dose of content


πŸ€” What is SuperTeam?

SuperTeam is a community that helps the most promising projects in the Solana ecosystem grow and flourish. Present in multiple countries like India, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, Vietnam and the United Kingdom.

They are organised as a cooperative of creatives, developers, and operators who are experienced in launching and growing technology businesses.

They help creative people to learn, explore and build on blockchain platforms like Solana while encouraging new talent to grow to make a name for themselves in the community.

✨ Levels in Superteam

I learned about Superteam and there are 4 levels from their website https://in.superteam.fun/ (Highly recommend you to check it out)

  1. Lurkers: Lurkers are the ones who want to learn and find opportunities related to web3 and are beginners. Under this section, I explored the Events Calendar, Handbook, Learn, and Discord Channel and learned some facts from FAQs.

  2. Contributors: Contributors are people with some level of experience who gets an instant job and are paid in tokens. They can participate in Bounties, apply for Instagrants, and much more..

  3. Members: Members turn Ideas into MVPs. They have access to xGrants, Host events, IRL Supermeets, exclusive Members NFTs, and a few more perks.

  4. Founders: They are at the pinnacle. They gets in direct contact with Community Advisory Boards, Sponsors, Alpha Squads and more exciting perks. (Hopefully, I will also climb this ladder)

πŸ“™ Superteam Handbook

I found a very useful resource on their Notion website which was the Handbook.

Learned about the Core Values of Superteam which are:

  1. Ownership Economy: People who contribute as a piece of ownership to themselves.

  2. Permissionless Work: There is less middlemen whose permission is required for working.

  3. Work Flexible Hours: You can work anytime you want and there is nothing like 9 to 5 jobs now.

  4. Work Remotely: Moving to a new city is a concept from the past. Now, Time Zone is the new Location, only being available on socials like Discord, Slack, and Crypto is enough.

  5. Community GDP as a North Star: The GDP of the Community depends on the contributions of the members towards the community.

  6. Fluid Squads > Calcified Structures: Having a leader for only a specific mission, promotes Squad and Team Efforts rather than the hierarchal structure of power.

  7. Multi-Chain Future: Solana believes in multi-chain supports where billions of people can save their keys and also develop and deploy on the blockchain.

  8. Decentralisation means More Leaders: Decentralisation means an abundance of leadership, not a lack of it.

  9. Forking > Voting: Creating a new project from an existing one and improving it creates a positive impact on the collaboration side of development. Voting only imposes the maximum majority on the collective.

Having a very active community that supports and is always there for you when you are stuck in your web3 journey or facing a few issues, the Discord channel will always help you when you need it.

This was just a very quick intro to Superteam, I would recommend you to explore more on your own, more content on Superteam will be posted tomorrow.

😎 Conclusion

Superteam is a community that supports and assists creators in their web3 journey to achieve greater heights in their domain from Development, Creative works, and Organizing events like IRL Calls, to getting your first Token, Bounty, Airdrop and even a Job. Their core values will increase your belief and ensure that you will be guided with a roadmap that will help you make new Original Mistakes.

What are you waiting for start your journey with Superteam Handbook and explore this magnificent world of Web3.

Comment down below,

❓ What is the one feature of this web3 space that encourages you to hope on?

See you soon with new exciting learnings that will blow your mind 🀯

Mohil WankarπŸ’Ž