The Reputation System Explained!

The Reputation System Explained!

This is the final part of the 3 part series on Superteam. If you have missed the previous two parts of this series. I would highly recommend you read those before you continue with this article.

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If you are ready for this knowledge ride, let's buckle up!

💪What is a Reputation System?

Reputation System captures Member contributions and gives them XP for their valuable contribution. It's like the front page which reflects who are the most active folks in the communities.

What are XP Points?

XP points are like your DAO Credit Score - they are a reflection of the value you have added to Superteam as well as the larger ecosystem using your skills and intent.

🔮How are XPs allocated?

Formula: XP = (Effort) * (Importance)

Effort is determined by the amount of time you work on a project.

The Importance Multiplier (*) is inherently subjective. Currently, it is determined by the Core Contributors, though over time the community as a whole will be more involved. The multiplier is a number ranging from 1.0 to 4.0. A low multiplier is applied to projects that are useful but not ground-breaking, while a high multiplier is given for critical or impactful projects.

Now, you might be thinking about how to earn them? 🤔

So, here are the ways:

  1. Permissionless Bounties: Fixed and one-time XP, available for winning a bounty or reviewing a bounty

  2. Indie Contribution: Contribution to the Solana Ecosystem by any means like even attending a call.

  3. Contributions to Grant Projects and Permission Bounties.

  4. Superteam Braintrust

    • Members engaged in part-time/full-time community-focused work within Superteam receive fixed, recurring XP on a monthly basis, automatically granted at the end of each month.

    • The amount of XP allotted per month is based on the tier of work, which is as follows:

    • Full-time work: 700 XP

    • Project leads: 500 XP

    • Part-time work and other assistance: 250 XP

    • Grantees shall start receiving XP once their contracts are effective.

But before you begin, you should be aware of the following system too!

😱Purge System

There is also a time-bound purge system for the contributors and members based on the XP, you earn in your first 10 weeks as part of Superteam. It means that this situation will happen:

Member to contributor, Contributor to lurker

Criteria for the purge are:

  • Have not earned at least 100 XP

  • Are not a part of any working group (lead has to vouch if not to be relegated)

  • Are not a Grant Winner, or have abandoned your grant project beyond the reasonable time.

Now, that you know the Reputation System,

let's begin to conquer the world of web3 dev.

🔗Superteam Platforms

1. Superteam Earn: Superteam Earn helps talent contribute to crypto projects through bounties and freelance gigs, in exchange for earning in crypto.

To access this: Click Here

2. Superteam Build: Find inspirations for your next Solana Project.

An ideas repository for what to build on Solana. Including RFPs across DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, Payments, and many more categories!

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3. Superteam Media: A collection of essays ranging from PRDs, sponsored deep-dives, community updates & ideas to move the Solana ecosystem forward, led by Aditya Shetty.

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4. Superteam Podcast: Podcast focused on the web3 and crypto landscape in India.

While the community is focused on the Solana ecosystem, the podcast is multi-chain and generally focused on web3 and crypto in India.

To access this: Click Here

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😎 Conclusion

In this article, we discussed about the Reputation System, XP Allocation scheme in the Superteam and also Purge if someone haywires!

Also shared some crazy useful resources here!

This is the last part of the Superteam content on this website. Thanks for reading this edition.
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