Is contributing to Superteam even worth it?

Is contributing to Superteam even worth it?

In today's post, we will discuss Superteam's benefits. This is part 2 of 3 parts series on Superteam.

⌚ Previously, we talked on

  • What is Superteam?

  • Levels in Superteam?

  • Superteam Handbook

If you missed the previous edition of this blog, click here to read it as it is interlinked with that one.

Having said that,

🤔 How to contribute to Superteam?

In the above structural representation, we can get a clear bird's eye view of the plan.

🚢 Ship Cool Sh!t on Solana

Check out open bounties from many cool projects from the ecosystem and apply for grants if you have an idea of your own. Join a team full-time! Find jobs and internships on Superteam Earn.

  1. Bounties: Open contests typically completed in less than a few days with first prizes of $1,000+. These can be deep dive essays, graphic design work, writing threads, content and even product reviews you can do over the weekend.

    You can find open Superteam bounties, by Clicking Here!

  2. Grants: These are Equity-free grants to support builders across the Solana ecosystem. Applications take less than 15 minutes, approval decisions come within 48 hours. So, Grants are a much better way to turn your idea into a product. Explore grants, by Clicking Here!

  3. Jobs and Internship: You can get a job or an internship with your PoW (Proof of Work) in the community and Solana ecosystem projects. After learning while making some projects, you can use multiple opportunities that are lined up for you, which can't be ignored at all costs.

This is the 1st part of this exciting contribution guide for all members and contributors.

🤝Help Superteam Members

You can play an important role in leading a huge project to success. The ways are enlisted here:

  1. Helping Open-sourced Superteam Projects: In the spirit of letting the sauce flow, a bunch of Superteam projects are open-sourced and waiting for you to start contributing.

    Check out the entire Superteam GitHub Repository byClicking Here

  2. Contributing to WIP Grant Projects: WIP means 'Work In Progress' projects. Keep an eye out on the #help-wanted channel in our Discord - most leads tag skill-based roles when they are looking for someone.

    If you want to join Discord Channel of Superteam, join us by Clicking Here

    Note: These opportunities are listed for a very short time and typically close out in less than a day.

By just helping and showcasing your skills in real-world project building will guarantee your growth in the Community.

🤝Help Superteam Grow

Note: The following part of XP is only valid for people who become Contributors, or Members of Superteam and does not apply to Lurkers.

Once you are at the Contributor Status, you can take the initiative to grow this community by increasing awareness. This can be done in a handful of ways, by doing these tasks you will earn XP based on various factors.

Here's a list of categories and their associated XP:

  1. Community Ops/Strategy

    • Introducing Pratik Dholani (Lead, Superteam Earn) to a Project that Sponsors a Bounty: 100 XP

    • Greeting a New Member in a 1:1 call: 5 XP

    • Hosting/Managing a Virtual Event with 6+ Attendees: 25 XP

    • Hosting/Managing an IRL Event with 6+ Attendees: 75 XP

    • Mentorship at a Solana Hackathon/Hackerhouse: 50XP

  2. Video

    By making a Hype Video that you can upload on any social media platform, you will earn 250XP in the community, but the condition is that: "The video must be Approved, Accepted by Members and Published Online!"

  3. Design

    If you are a designer and know how to design a "Notion Header", you can earn 15XP per header that you designed for Superteam. You can use platforms like Canva to design an awesome Header.

  4. Writing

    • Contributing to the Superteam Newsletter: 25 XP

    • Writing a crypto-centric long-form essay: 80 XP

    • Writing a crypto-centric Twitter thread: 40 XP


You should go through the Discord Guidelines on your own.

Link to Discord Guidelines is just a Click Away

While going through the discord guide on how to use the discord channel at its full potential, I learned a lot of thread names that could be used to get your query solved quickly.

While reading I was directly to those two amazing websites which are so on point that I feel that’s the best way to communicate during this den age.

  1. No hello: It shows the practical reason why any formal salutation without a direct question is a waste of time for both parties.

    Click Here, it's a quick read! 🐇

  2. Don’t ask to ask: It describes the perfect way to ask for help on any social.

    Click Here, This one is a furious read! 🏎

Have you read them? NOT? 😞, Read it Please!

💹Community GDP

It captures the total amount of earning opportunities community members have created for each other. These opportunities may come in the form of bounties, jobs, grants, or other work.

This is the Superteam Earning for its entire timeline from October 2021 till date (As of writing this article, it's 24 March 2024)

If you want to see the current updated dashboard, Click Here

To contribute to this GDP, just earn through an opportunity created by another person in the Superteam community, and then you're eligible to contribute to the Community GDP.

Best Part: Every week superteam celebrates earners on the Community Call and has an entire Discord channel (#good-news) dedicated to recognizing earners.

🧐 Conclusion

In this blog, we ran through the topic of How to Contribute, ways to contribute, a brief overview of the XP system, and some cool websites under the Discord section, and learned about Community GDP.

So, the ultimate question is "Is it worth it?"

The answer is a solid Yes!

Mainly for the reason that it's a collaborative effort, no one will pull your leg down when you are trying to work your sweat off!

Superteam encourages you to work and contribute by giving Incentives like XP and some exclusive perks of being in this DAO. And you can monetize your work with the help of Superteam which is the final goal: To earn money!

Have you joined the X (Twitter) club of Superteam, if not Join Now

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Mohil Wankar 💎

This is end of this edition of Superteam series, in the next part, we will go through "The Ultimate Reputation System"